Provena St. Joseph's Gala Photo Galleries

There are two Galleries with which to view the images from The Provena St. Joseph's Gala: One Gallery contains group and candid photos, and the other Gallery consists of groups and portraits. Each Gallery contains several pages of thumbnail images that can be navigated by using the arrows at the top of each page. When a larger version of a thumbnail is desired, click on it. After a thumbnail is enlarged, you may navigate through the images to view them all as large images by using the arrows that appear at the top of the page, or, click on the "up" arrow to return to the thumbnail page.

To view the images fully, make your browser window as large as possible. Enjoy.

Click on the links below to enter a Gallery. When you finish with one, close that window to return here and click on another.

Provena Gala Portraits Gallery

Provena Gala Candids Gallery

The images are small and at a lower resolution to keep download times to a minimum. I have viewed each image, and know that each will produce an excellent print. If you would like to order prints from me, please mail a list of the image numbers, along with a check. The prices are listed below.
Print Size Price Per Print
Wallet $3.00
4x6 $3.00
5x7 $7.00
8x10 $12.00

Prices include shipping and tax. All orders will be shipped via U.S. Mail, unless otherwise requested. All prints will be Lustre surface, unless otherwise requested.

Contact Information
Ron Molk
211 Dover St.
Princeton, WI
phone & fax, 866-Ron-Molk

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