1980 Porsche 911SC

The body is excellent: No dents or scratches, only a few rock chips. The original color was yellow. The "new" yellow has a pearlescent luster. The engine was rebuilt several years ago. Replaced parts include, but are not limited to: rings, bearings, valves, valve guides, valve seats, cams, gaskets and seals, chains, and chain tensioners. The trans was rebuilt, with many gears and bearings replaced. The clutch assembly is new. The tires are old, and should be replaced. The interior is original leather. The leather seats are stiff from age, but not torn. The radio works, but occasionally loses volume, so I rotate the knob to get it back. The power antenna works, as do the power windows. The luggage compartment carpeting has been replaced. The battery is one year old. The car has been sitting a lot because I don't have time to drive it, thus the dusty interior and exterior photos in the second photo gallery.

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